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    Stop Wondering What Happens On Your Lot.

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Why You'll Love Our Platform

Lot Metrix was built to be the fastest, easiest and most efficient inventory manager available today.  Track your most valuable assets as they journey through your dealership and into your customers driveway.  Increase sales and service production while minimizing dealership liability with our cutting edge technology.

Ultra Fast

With our integrated barcode scanner, inventory can be tagged in a split second.  We conveniently save the location every time you scan the barcode in order to create a vehicle history and help the next person locate the unit. High speed data transfers allow all of your information to save immediately. Prefer the old fashioned way of manual entry? No problem, you can do that too.

Powerful Reporting

What good is a new application if you can’t track the results?  We’ve incorporated enough advanced reporting to keep even the most demanding departments in the know.  Track all of your vehicle moves from A to Z and track employee performance while improving dealership efficiency.

Exclusive Features

Find Out What Makes Us The Preferred Choice

Barcode Scanner

Our integrated barcode scanner makes marking inventory location lightning fast. Manual entry is also supported!

DMS Integration

Add your active inventory to our database automatically from your DMS.  We currently support IDS and XML formats.

Advanced Geo-Fencing

Create advanced lot segments and zones to clearly identify dealership parameters.

Photo Feed

Photo history minimizes dealership liability for lot damage to customer units & emphasizes accountability.

Manager Dashboard

Review issues reported by users and monitor activity from the comfort of your office.

Tasks & Messaging

Assignments are created and sent to employees who can use the app and communicate via text message.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This app takes me from wondering what happens in a day, to knowing what happens."
Shane Lalonde Operations Manager
"Before this app, I was losing 3 or 4 hours a day finding inventory. I no longer have that problem."
Daniel Doorman Lot Porter
"We now have photo documentation of all 4 corners of each unit. If there's any damage, we know if we are liable.
Casey Garard Service Manager
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