• Lot logistics made easy.

    Create a seamless process for tackling daily lot logistics, locate inventory in a snap, and make calculating time in service a breeze — talk about RECT efficiency.

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Crush complexity at every turn.

We all know floorplan audits can be inconvenient and time consuming… Lot Metrix was built to be the most efficient inventory management solution on the market. Track unit moves from A to Z, increase sales and service production, minimize dealership liability, and seamlessly sync the data back to any dealer management system (DMS).

Lot Metrix - Log Logistics Made Easy

Work at lightning fast speeds.

With the integrated barcode scanner, inventory is tagged in a split second and the location is saved every time a barcode is scanned. With a holistic view of the unit, employees can locate any unit on the lot instantaneously. From three different assignment types to robust reporting and tracking, you’ll be able to work smarter not harder.

Make data driven decisions.

What good is a new application if you can’t track the results?  We’ve incorporated robust reporting to keep even the most demanding departments in the know.  Track all of your vehicle moves from A to Z and track employee performance while improving overall efficiency.


Exclusive Features

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Barcode Scanner

Our integrated barcode scanner makes marking inventory location lightning fast. Manual entry is also supported!​

DMS Integration

Automatically add your inventory to our database from your DMS. We support many providers and various formats.​

Lot Mapping

Create lot segments and zones to clearly identify dealership parameters.​

Unit Profile

Photo & Video Feed

Cloud-based storage of photo and video resources are tied directly to each unit to help minimize liability.​

Dashboards & Reporting

Review and monitor unit moves, assignments, driver efficiency, reported issues and much more​

Tasks Assignment

Create and assign tasks for your employees and employees can see exactly what to do — right from the app. ​

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"This app takes me from wondering what happens in a day, to knowing what happens."
Shane Lalonde Operations Manager
"Before this app, I was losing 3 or 4 hours a day finding inventory. I no longer have that problem."
Daniel Doorman Lot Porter
"We now have photo documentation of all 4 corners of each unit. If there's any damage, we know if we are liable.
Casey Garard Service Manager
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