Frequently Asked Questions

I have a small/growing dealership, is Lot Metrix a good fit for me?

This is by far our most asked question. Our answer, in short, is yes! Does a small dealership still suffer lot damage? Yes. Does a small dealership still want to know that it’s getting the most out of it’s service and sales departments? Yes. Our software does way more than just track inventory locations too! We help dealers mitigate liability by offering a way to record photo and video of units, a full task management system, and valuable employee information & reporting. We also give your sales team the ability to have inventory information in the palm of their hands. Whether you have 50 units, or 500, Lot Metrix is the best RV software solution available today.

Do I have to buy expensive hardware?

No. We don’t have tens of thousands of dollars in startup costs, tracking devices, or other fancy equipment. Our software runs on iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and any other Apple device. We also offer a web-based version for anyone NOT using Apple products. No matter what you use, you’re covered. We charge a simple, monthly fee for our service based on the level of inventory you would like to track, that’s it! The only requirement for using our system is having a printer that can handle barcodes!

How does our system work?

Well, it’s fairly simple. We use a weatherproof barcode system that lives on every vehicle. No batteries to replace, or expensive hardware to lose. Every time a unit is scanned or moved, we store that location information and save it on a map! We train your staff to take liability photos and/or video after each move, and we upload that to the cloud. Assignments for service, detail, sales, or any other department are created by a manager or service writer, and accessed via the app by your employees. We also offer messaging functionality, as well as issue reporting on the lot, so things get fixed in hours not months. While we may have a lot of technology working behind the scenes, our software was designed to be as simple as possible for new users.

How much does Lot Metrix cost?

Our monthly subscriptions depend solely on how much inventory you would like to track. Our base price starts at $895/mo, our plus package starts at $1095/mo, and our premium package starts at $1295/mo. We also offer an optional white-glove installation and setup fee for $3995 that includes 2 days of on-site training and support. For our best pricing, please reach out to us at

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